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Administration Threads

(ban appeals, player/admin complaints, applications, refunds)

1. Only post to threads made about you or made by you.

2. Only post serious threads in the infinity NA section section, trolling will lead to forum warnings.

(Obviously, no threats, porn, details on cheating, etc. allowed in this section.)

3. If you have evidence to prove your complaint valid, post it when you post the complaint.


1. Do post threats such as doxxing or DDoSing.

2. Do not post pornography anywhere on the forums.

3. Do not post any threads detailing how to cheat on the server.

4. Racial slurs are prohibited from here on out, forum warnings will be given.

5. If a clan wishes for specifically someone to not post on their own respective board then do not post there. Once they declare they do not want you to post there, any further posting will result in forum warnings. Posting before they declare they do not want you specifically to post there will return a verbal warning first.

6. An excessive amount of flaming will result in a 'verbal warning' before a forum warning is issued.
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